Living Together : How Couples Create Design Harmony at Home

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Author : Denis Colomb (Author), Julia Szabo (Author), Erica Lennard (Photographer)

Binding : Hardcover

Size : 10.4 x 9.5

Language : English

Pages : 160

Publisher : Stewart, Tabori & Chang

Year of Publication : 2002

The marketplace is flooded with books on how to build a successful relationship, and inundated with illustrated volumes on interior design. But no single book, before now, has combined the two subjects, offering compelling visual inspiration and practical advice on how partners can create a home that's a true reflection of their identity as a couple. A long-overdue treatment of a subject that touches millions of people, Living Together examines the elegant lifestyles and extraordinary creativity of fifteen couples who have managed to create enviably harmonious, visually stunning living spaces. Among them are artists April Gornik and Eric Fischl at home in Sag Harbor, New York; interior designers Allegra and Ashley Hicks and the London townhouse they lovingly decorated together; and architect Philippe Jonathan and his wife Patricia Tartour, and the unique home they created in an old limestone quarry in Provence. Living Together offers advice and valuable insight on one of life's most difficult challenges: how two individuals with different tastes, habits, and lifestyles can blend their, sometime opposing, styles into a single harmonious living arrangement that reflects the passion of the couple.


Are you half of an elegant, interesting couple, living beautifully in a perfectly decorated home that's the envy of all your guests? If not, Living Together: How Couples Create Design Harmony at Home provides an intimate tour of the extraordinary homes of 15 couples who have joined their lives and their possessions to create strikingly original and glamorous domestic environments. A painting couple in the Hamptons, an interior designer in London, a fashion designer in Los Angeles, a landscape designer in Hawaii--all opened their doors to photographer Erica Lennard, architect Denis Colomb, and writer Julia Szabo. Lush color photographs with accompanying explanatory text illustrate how these couples combined individual tastes to achieve unified, dramatic interior design statements. After each home's profile, a set of "harmonious how-to's" are offered to summarize the couple's aesthetic philosophy. But the real treat here is the illusion of being a virtual guest in (take your pick) a picturesque villa on the Mediterranean, an eccentrically restored home in Barcelona, a minimalist loft in London, a stone quarry in Provence, or perhaps a formal townhouse in Manhattan. --Judy Fireman
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