Tibet : The Roof of the World Between Past and Present

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Author : Marioa Antonia

Binding : Hardcover

Size : 13.9 x 10.2

Language : English

Pages : 224

Publisher : White Star Publishers

Year of Publication : 2004

In the Western imagination Tibet often seems an isolated fortress, outside of time, withdrawn behind the chain of the Himalayas. The author leads the reader through the maze of geographical, geological, mythical, historical, social, and religious details to portray everyday life in Tibet. In the drama of the country's current situation, Tibetan life is split by infinite contradictions where new social realities must be reconciled with ancient traditions, oracles still relay the voices of the mountain gods, and Buddhist monks strenuously defend their religion. Lavish photographs portray an incredible blend of tradition and modernity stretching from remote nomadic tents to the cyber cafés of Lhasa.

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