Buddhist Inspiration : Essential Philosophy, Truth and Enlightenment

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Author : Tom Lowenstein

Binding : Hardcover

Size : 7.1 X 7

Language : English

Pages : 160

Publisher : Duncan Baird Publishers

Year of Publication : 1999

Buddhism has bequeathed immeasurable riches to the West—a collection of life-enhancing ideas, a host of beautiful works of art (from statues of the Buddha to Zen gardens), and a repertoire of spiritual practices from mantras to mindfulness that have changed millions of lives for the better. Featuring 70 color photos, this celebration of Buddhism presents a fascinating kaleidoscope of the religion’s many aspects, including Tantra, Zen, and the Pure Land beliefs of Japan. Divided into five parts (Insights of the Buddha, Wisdom Grows, The Healing Practice, Sacred Symbols, and The Spiritual Cosmos), this spiritual guide emphasizes the wisdom, healing power, and beauty of Buddhism and its relevance to those who seek an alternative to secular materialism.

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