Jottings as Paintings of Ganesh Pyne

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Author : Arun Ghose

Binding : Paperback

Size : 10 x 8

Language : English

Pages : 126

Publisher : Sanchit Art Publications

Year of Publication : 2014

Pyne’s ‘signature’ style is shaped by his own experiences of solitude and alienation that he had lived through and aided by the pain and horror he had witnesses in the city of Calcutta during the sixties of the last century. What Surfaced in his art however appear as mysteriously enriched with moods of tenderness and calm serenity, rich with visual depth in which every single stroke appear charged with muted eloquence. Born in Calcutta in 1945, Pyne’s place in the history of modern Indian art is more than assured.                                                                                                                                     
Why are inter-caste marriages still a taboo, In India?                                                                                                                 
Why don’t parents try to understand a couple’s feelings?                                                                                         
Does destiny affect love or does love affect destiny?                                                                                  
How would you react if a beautiful girl calls out to you, suddenly, in the middle of a road?
Welcome to The Strange Couple, a story of an innocent couple.
 Rihaan and Preeti who belong to different cast but are deeply in love with each other.  Will they make it?

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