A-Z of Back Pain : Cure and Manage Back Pain Using Alternate Therapies

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Author : Shiv Dua

Binding : Paperback

Size : 8.5 x 5.5

Language : English

Pages : 149

Publisher : Zorba Publishers

Year of Publication : 2014

A-Z of Back Pain: Cure and Manage Back Pain Using Alternate Therapies Back pain is an ancient disease existing from times immemorial. It is a widely known disease that prompts millions of people in the world to visit a doctors clinic every day. It is so common a disease that no one takes it seriously in the first instance. Only when it continues for long, people start to worry. You need not worry now. A-Z of Back Pain will tell you the best method of managing your back pain through alternative therapies. Forget pain killers. Harmless homeopathy medicine can replace pain killers. You need not go to the doctor, you can treat your back pain at home. Check the health of your back now 1.When your back pain disappears on taking painkiller tablets but pains return when you stop taking the tablets 2.When you have continued indigestion 3.When your abdominal muscles are weak and are painful at times 4.When you are obese and you are not making any effort to reduce your weight 5.When your shoes are not comfortable and toes feel compressed 6.When you do not sit, and stand correctly, abusing your postures 7.When you have arthritis, frequent urine tract infections (kidney), chronic constipation or liver problems.

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