Magic : Principles of Higher Knowledge

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Magic is among the highest knowledge which exists on our planet. This book was written in order to draw the attention of the naturalists to several things, and to prove that we should neither believe in all things nor should we dismiss all things. The author proves that God becomes more and more worthy of worship the more the naturalist investigates the origin of things which are all in accordance with the Creator’s generosity.

Author : Karl Von Eckartshausen

Binding : Paperback

Size : NA

Language : English

Pages : 316

Publisher : Merkur Publishing

Year of Publication : 1991

"Magic" was originally published in Brnn in 1788. Not too many books have that kind of staying power. The word "magic" in the title may be a deterrent to some, however contemporary practitioners have given the word magic another meaning. Magic is the highest knowledge that exists on our planet, because it teaches the metaphysical as well as the metapsychical laws on every plane of existence. In order to attain the necessary maturity it first requires a very particular preparatory training. This book belongs to the preparatory category of magic, giving the reader a wonderful insight into the symbols of magic, as understood by the heart, not the intellect. Numbers are one of the symbol forms bearing the truths of metaphysics; these explanations are found beginning on page 260.

North American students of metaphysics often suffer from a lack of historical background, just as many contemporary students do in regards to politics and history. This is potentially damaging in spirituality as in any other arena of the world. This book contains a concept of history as well as spiritual insight. It is important to see that what you have to grapple with spiritually is not new at all to humans, and is at best only tinted by the socio-political climate. Throughout this book clear explanations are given, and a very honest critique of man is also presented. Of great interest is this critique of man, which is no less applicable two hundred years ago.

Nothing changes, but things are relative. To get a sense of past thinking which falls under the present umbrella of "New Age," and to reach such material without modern-day jargon, is an eye-opening experience. It will change your impressions about the spiritual path which most people currently share. The author's clarity makes the confusing issues of our chaotic world melt away, reminding us that "Great Secrets will reveal themselves to you. . . All we have to do is ask!" Eckartshausen challenges the readers to find personal and divine meaning among the myriad of meaningless symbols cluttering their lives. This book is an excellent treatise on Western Magic, which speak refreshingly of the nature of material reality. Eckartshausen states that imagination is indeed reality, but it is reality that needs more attention to be manifested. He warns of charlatans, of evil and of misusing an elite knowledge gained through one's exploration. More importantly, he points the way to the path of a greater understanding of Nature and gives viable insights into miracles, energy, and universal laws.

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