Gardens of Delight : Indian Gardens Through the Ages

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Author : Rahoul B Singh

Binding : Hardcover

Size : 10.5 x 11.7

Language : English

Pages : 192

Publisher : Pavilion

Year of Publication : 2008

India's complex and fascinating history is reflected in the story of its gardens - and those who built them, enjoyed them, painted and wrote about them. From the first references to gardens in the ancient Hindu texts of the Ramayana and the Kama Sutra to the palace gardens of Rajasthan and Udaipur, this book takes us on a compelling visual and cultural journey. 'Gardens of Delight' examines historical and traditional gardens, gardens in literature and art, sacred and palace gardens, and the concept of the garden in modern India, providing a complete view of how a people's relationship with their land has changed over time. The influence of the Indian garden worldwide as well as the assimilation of external influences is also key to this rich and intriguing story.

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